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The GPO Morris Minor was born out of the British Motor Corporation's (BMC) desire to continue to get contracts for Light Commercial Vehicles from the GPO. The GPO ran one of the biggest fleets of vehicles in the UK at the time. BMC had been supplying the GPO with Morris Z type vans, which were based on the pre-war Morris 8 car. During WW2 Morris had developed the new Minor, which set new standards for small cars. Naturally there followed a development for an LCV variant. The Car was launched in 1948, but the development of the LCV took longer, there being problems with the prototypes being overweight, underpowered, whether it should have a timber body or a steel one, and also because the GPO wanted a 12 month test period of a prototype. Finally in 1953 the range was ready and introduced in Series 2 format (The cars had had a facelift and gone from their original MM designation to Series 2. This would happen again moving to Series 3 and Series 5). 

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